Ditch the soggy carton of custard this year and make your own…super easy!

Mixed spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves etc.) remind us Christmas…when you cook this custard you’ll fill your home with the sweet ‘smell’ of Christmas…

750ml coconut cream
1tsp five spice
½ tsp vanilla paste
5 eggs
2 fresh mangoes

Blend – all of the ingredients (excluding the mangoes) in a food processor until smooth.
Pour – mixture into small ramekins (150ml)
Cook – steam at 90degress for 20mins (in either a steam oven or over the stove in a bamboo basket
Serve – remove the custards from the oven or off the stove and serve hot with some freshly sliced mango.

You can add a drizzle of maple syrup if you choose, and / or some toasted coconut shavings on top of the custard or for more aroma – add some orange peel swirls / zest.