You’re only one meal plan away from having more time in your week!

Picture this: It’s 6PM, you’ve just got home from the office (or finished working from home). Everyone is hungry and the fridge is a wasteland of limp lettuce and chicken you forgot to defrost. What now? Frozen pizza? Indian take-away? If this sounds like you, meal planning is the key.

My 7-Day Meal Plans are guaranteed to get you inspired to cook more and eat well. You’ll be feeding your family delicious, nutritious  meals (with leftovers for their lunchboxes). Choose from a variety of meal plans, including vegan, immune supporting, or quick ‘n’ easy meals. They’re tasty, they’re cost-effective, and they make eating healthy simple.

Each 7-Day Meal Plan comes complete with a shopping list – no more feeling overwhelmed in the supermarket, plus, you’ll only buy what you need. Are you ready to become the conscious captain in your kitchen?



I’ve committed to support Two Good Co’s mission to 'empower vulnerable women to re-establish their self-belief and independence’, given that women over 55 are now the fastest growing cohort of homeless people within Australia.

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