It’s true, menopause is unavoidable for females, but how do you reduce the symptoms and prevent it from taking over your daily life? Dietary and lifestyle tweaks play a big role in balancing hormones, mood and excess weight. So if you’re experiencing any of the following; • Hot flushes • Abnormal weight gain • Fatigue • Mood swings • Anxiety or Irritability • Poor sleep • Night sweats • Poor concentration • Poor memory • More aches and pains • Dry skin • Depression • Low libido • Thinning hair • Sugar intolerance • New allergies Join me in a 2 hour workshop, where we’ll chat about ‘secret women’s business’ and I’ll share easy, practical ways to help you transition through menopause gracefully. Enjoy morning tea with recipes and take home tips you can implement immediately… Wednesday 20 January from 9.30 – 11.30am – $65 Physiocise Suites 14 & 17, 71-77 Penshurst St, Willoughby NSW 2068 To book call: 02 9958 2239 or email: [email protected]