The festive season is well and truly upon us –  a time to celebrate and enjoy great food, a cheeky glass of wine and a few laughs, with family or friends.  
I’ve compiled 12 healthy recipes with a twist on Christmas, to make this time of year a little less stressful for you.  I’ve even included a simple (and of course healthy) brekkie for you to serve up to your guests on boxing day, just before you wave them goodbye.




Trying not to over-indulge over the Christmas holidays is something most of find a challenge and this includes alcohol.
Alcohol can become a more regular part of our lives over the holiday season and can become too easy to overdo it, leaving you feeling like you’re on struggle street the next day!

You can definitely enjoy a glass or two of your favourite beverage. I suggest including a couple of glasses of water or non-alcoholic drinks in between.  What you want to avoid, is feeling the need to do a huge cleanse or spend days recovering post-drinking.

Enjoy a glass of wine?

If wine if your preferred drink, you might want to opt for organic, and if you find your sinuses playing up the next day, look for a wine which is preservative free, it is often the sulphites which cause an allergic reaction. 

Natural wines are becoming more popular here in Australia. Farmers are focussed on creating incredible wines in a way that is gentle on the environment, and contain minimal preservatives. Talk to a wine expert in your local bottle shop or search online for organic, bio-dynamic and / or preservative free wines, you might find a new favourite without the side-effects. 

Just remember, alcohol and eating healthily don’t go hand in hand. Your body processes alcohol before food, meaning the carbs and fats you’ve eaten are stored as fat, instead of being used as fuel – Cheers!